In line with our continued Made for Life philosophy, Canon Medical extends support to areas beyond medical imaging, with the aim of building stronger and more successful communities. Our support for Assistance Dogs Australia (ADA) is one of these initiatives.

On behalf of our service agreement customers, we sponsor the training of assistance dogs. 

Our service philosophy "service, tailored to your needs" centres around tailoring solutions to meet individual customer needs. This aligns with ADA’s customised dog training, designed to suit the unique requirements of their clients. 

To date Canon Medical have sponsored 5 assistance dogs. 3 of them have successfully graduated and are now living with their new families. Our current ADA puppy Gordon is in training to become a qualified assistance dog. 

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Our Assistance Dogs’ #Servicetales


Gordon is learning tasks in preparation for possible autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or mobility support roles and is close to graduating from the Pup in Prison (PIP) program. Canon’s sponsorship has played a vital role in his development, providing him with the necessary resources and training to thrive.
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Unfortunately, along with some fantastic skills during her training, Faith has shown a trait indicating that she is unsuitable to be an Assistance Dog.

Faith has been released from the ADA training program and has found her place with her puppy educator, where she will live an extraordinary life as a much-loved pet.

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Titan has come such a long way since he began his learning journey in Puppy Education at just 8 weeks old. He has now successfully completed his Advanced Training and has recently been placed with a client living with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in South Penrith, NSW. We are proud to advise Titan has Graduated as a fully qualified PTSD Assistance Dog.
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Xena was the second puppy we adopted. This golden Labrador has completed her Advanced Training course and graduated in October 2019. With a shy and gentle personality, our superhero Xena has become a good friend of a young boy in Victoria living with autism...

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Our super skilled dog Shiba was the first puppy we adopted in 2015. She came from a strong heritage - both her parents were Assistance Dogs. She completed her training with flying colours and graduated in October 2017. Shiba is considered a pioneer in this particular pairing. She now has a home with a young woman on the Northern Beaches of Sydney and together, they are flourishing.
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Assistance Dogs Australia

Assistance Dogs Australia provides freedom and independence to children and adults with disabilities. They train Labradors and Golden Retrievers to offer physical and emotional support to assist people with:

  • Physical disabilities
  • Autism
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Dementia
  • Children with special needs and elderly in care homes

Assistance Dogs increase independence, reduce reliance on human caregivers and act as a great ice-breaker helping overcome social isolation.

Learn more about Assistance Dogs Australia

ADA Puppy Volunteering

Would you like to join a passionate community, enjoy puppy cuddles, and experience a sense of reward? Becoming an ADA puppy volunteer could be one of the best things you can do.

There are four ways you can volunteer and bring more puppy love into your life. You could be a Puppy Educator, Puppy Carer, B&B Host, or Brood Carer. Watch the video below to hear a few stories.

Visit the ADA website to learn more about these roles and become a volunteer.

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As a continuing gesture of our partnership with Assistance Dogs Australia, Canon Medical Systems ANZ delivers a cuddly plush puppy with each new system we install. We give our customers the opportunity to share their support for @assistance_dogs_australia with a #servicetale.
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