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Computed Tomography

CT scanners designed for patient's safety and satisfaction with technology that meets your needs now and in the future.

Advanced technologies and ergonomics are standard on every configuration. So state-of-the-art capabilities are readily available or scanning the widest range of patients – from pediatric to bariatric. Industry-leading, automated dose reduction capabilities improve patient safety and increase your quality of care.

Integrated Intelligence


AiCE (Advanced intelligent Clear-IQ Engine) is the next-generation CT reconstruction technology. The world’s first Deep Learning Reconstruction method built on an Artificial Intelligent Neural Network, AiCE quickly produces stunning CT images that are exceptionally detailed and with the low-noise properties that you might expect of a future advanced MBIR (Model-based Iterative Reconstruction) algorithm.


Acquiring true 4D CT images with Aquilion ONE scanners

Dynamic Volume MSK CT

Dynamic volume MSK CT can visualise joint movement and capture the often-complex mechanical abnormalities causing the patients symptoms that can not be visualised with other imaging techniques. As such, superior treatment decisions can be made for a wide variety of musculoskeletal functional disorders.

Dynamic Volume MSK CT

Automated bone subtraction and/or iodine mapping.


In CTA examinations SURESubtraction has the ability to remove bone, calcium and stents from data sets allowing clinicians an unobstructed view of the arteries. Moreover, SURESubtraction can create iodine maps to enable the assessment of the distribution of contrast media within the body to visualise local perfusion.


Remove the Workflow Challenges of MBIR

FIRST Integrated

Making CT safer for patients FIRST is a new model based iterative reconstruction that can lower dose by up to 84.6% as compared to traditional filtered back projection methods.


Canon Medical Systems' new


See how Canon Medical Systems' new PUREViSION CT detector technology improves light output by 40% with more efficient use of x-ray photons.

PUREViSION Technology

You don't have to choose between CT dose and safety.

Adaptive Iterative Dose Reduction 3D.

This iterative algorithm removes noise in the raw and image data space, by analysing and processing the data repeatedly.

AIDR 3D technology

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