Remote Diagnostics Option

As Imaging technology becomes increasingly complex, remote diagnostic services like InnerVision become more important and necessary than ever before. Representing the next generation of proactive support and quality assurance, InnerVision can periodically monitor your imaging equipment to ensure it delivers the clinical excellence you, your staff and your patients expect. Should a problem be detected, our highly trained and motivated service staff are standing by and can perform online diagnostics to identify and resolve the issue quickly and efficiently.

  • Automated predictive diagnostics alert us to a potential issue before it becomes a problem
  • Proactive monitoring helps minimise costly downtime and the need to reschedule exams
  • This option includes the supply of an InnerVision PC, maintenance of the PC, InnerVision software, annual licence fees and remote review of data during the normal hours of your Service Agreement. All items provided remain in the property of Canon
  • Using InnerVision our technical specialists can connect to your system to begin diagnosis
  • Our experts are able to explore solutions on-line, frequently resolving issues without the need for on-site services

We are here, even when we're not there.

We understand that your patients are relying on you, and equally, we want you to rely on us too.

I would like to inform you of how grateful I am for the dedication and commitment that Peter extends to my practice. Peter is always keeping us informed of service information and always chases up with any questions we may have. On Saturday our on-call radiographer phoned Peter. He talked her through a procedure and later that evening came in and made some repairs. Had this not occurred we would have had a difficult time on Monday.

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