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July 31, 2019

Xena is graduated!

Xena has graduated and has been recently matched with a family who has a child living with autism.

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Xena is our superhero!

"We’re so proud of Xena, who has been recently matched with a family who has a child living with autism. When Xena was in training, she was a quiet girl who could be shy at times, but shined once she got to know someone. Her gentle demeanour around children made her perfectly suited to her career path. Her new family are so in love with their new ‘sister’. She has settled in well and has already brought a transformation that they didn’t think was possible."

Let's look back to find out how Xena has gone through all the training and become a wonderful assistance dog.

Xena's pupdate

31 July 2019 Xena gets to work

Xena has now completed her Advanced Training and has recently been placed with a young boy in Victoria living with autism.

The little boy is constantly challenged with performing day to day tasks. He has difficulties with speech and finds it challenging to express his emotions at times. However, despite these issues, he has a great love for all animals, and Xena has settled in nicely with the new family.

“We have been waiting for Xena for three years, my son was asking me every time he saw a dog and I had the same answer for three years. Once we received a call from Assistance Dogs Australia, I couldn’t believe it was true, so I dare not tell my son until I had double confirmed that it was true.”– Mum.

Together the family has set some specific goals that they are determined to achieve moving forward. One of these is to develop the boy’s verbal skills. With help from his mum, the little boy has taken on the responsibility of “teaching” Xena her cues around the house and while on walks.

With Xena’s company, tasks that were challenging and difficult for the boy have now become enjoyable. For example trips to school and buying a toy. During a recent shopping trip with Xena he hurried along in his decision when he realised Xena was waiting!

“I would like to take this chance to deeply thank the team at Canon Medical for everything that you have done to help us.” – Mum.

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As part of our Service Agreements, Canon Medical sponsors the training of a talented Assistance Dog. Learn more about our service.

Learn more about Assistance Dogs Australia.


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