Transforming CT

Aquilion ONE / GENESIS Edition

Transforming Dynamic Volume CT

Aquilion ONE™ / GENESIS Edition goes beyond the evolution of dynamic volume CT. Intensive clinically focused research and breakthrough technological developments have culminated in a CT system with industry-leading spatial resolution and reduced radiation dose requirements.

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Integrated intelligence for increased patient safety and patient care

Advanced intelligent Clear-IQ Engine (AiCE)

Now available on Aquilion ONE / GENESIS Edition, AiCE is the next generation of CT reconstruction technology, the Deep Learning Reconstruction method built on an Articial Intelligent Neural Network. AiCE quickly produces exceptional CT images of extraordinary detail and with the low-noise properties that you might expect of a future advanced Model-Based Iterative Reconstruction (MBIR) algorithm.
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Prof. Stuart Moir talks about the benefits of Canon's volumetric CT 

"Investing in this advanced technology empowers us to provide the highest standard of care to our patients."

Assoc. Prof. Stuart Moir
Cardiologist at Melbourne Heart Care

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Forward projected model-based Iterative Reconstruction Solution

FIRST* Integrated

Following Canon Medical Systems’ long standing philosophy for minimising dose, while maintaining clinical workflow. FIRST can fit seamlessly into daily clinical practice.

  • Integrated, fast, anatomically optimised and easy to implement MBIR
  • Integrated into SUREExposure 3D ensuring automatic dose reduction of up to 84.6% as compared to filtered back projection
  • Improved high contrast spatial resolution
  • Delivers natural looking image quality due to targeted anatomical modelling
  • Simultaneously reconstruct with Instaview

*Available on Aquilion ONE ViSION and Aquilion ONE GENESIS  
¹As compared to TSX-301C FBP  
²With FIRST Body mode


An optimised beam spectrum based on PUREViSION Optics results in a better balance between image quality and dose.

Aquilion ONE / GENESIS Edition transforms routine imaging to new levels of resolution and low dose.

Acquiring true 4D CT images with Aquilion ONE scanners

Dynamic Volume MSK CT

Dynamic volume MSK CT can visualise joint movement and capture the often-complex mechanical abnormalities causing the patients symptoms that can not be visualised with other imaging techniques. As such, superior treatment decisions can be made for a wide variety of musculoskeletal functional disorders.

Dynamic Volume MSK CT

Single Energy Metal Artifact Reduction.

SEMAR for Cardiac CT

Improved image quality and patient safety.

Canon Medical Systems' SEMAR (Single Energy Metal Artifact Reduction) utilises a reconstruction technique to reduce metallic artifact, improving visualisation of implants, supporting bone and the adjacent soft tissues for a clearer and more confident diagnosis.

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