Liver disease

A global health concern

With increasing prevalence, Metabolic Dysfunction Associated Steatotic Liver Disease (MASLD) is the most common cause of chronic liver disease worldwide and a growing public health concern. It is a silent condition that can progress from steatohepatitis into fibrosis, and eventually cirrhosis – a major factor for liver transplants and mortality.

Staging Steatotic Liver Disease (SLD)

Take a holistic view of your patients

A host of non-invasive tools are available for clinicians to assist in the assessment and quantification of the full spectrum of liver disease, providing easy-to-understand clinical reports and guidance in both visual and quantitative formats.

Liver analysis package

Efficient screening and diagnostics

The earliest possible detection and characterisation of diffuse liver disease is important for determining a prognosis and, particularly in case of early, reversible stages, for an effective, closely monitored therapy. Canon offers a seamless package that is directly applicable in your clinical routine.

Comprehensive quantification tools

Elaborate workflow for confident decision-making

With just a few clicks, Canon’s comprehensive Liver Package allows you to capture a comprehensive status in minutes, providing robust measurement results that can support a reliable diagnosis. Summarised in a concise report, the readings may allow clinicians to make fast assessments and treatment decisions and support regular patient follow-up.

User experience

Prof. Hayato Nakagawa, MD, PhD
Mie University Graduate School of Medicine
Mie, Japan

“The use of diagnostic ultrasound systems in gastroenterological medicine”

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» “The Aplio's shear wave application supplies the user with multiple indicators of the reliability of the shear wave propagation. These tools should be used in all cases. The operator should consider using a combination of continuous and one-shot modes, especially when working with a non-compliant patient” «

»“The most outstanding feature was the newly developed abdominal curve transducer 8C1. This transducer has the penetration and contrast resolution to scan through my bariatric patients with liver depths of 23 cm.” «

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