Tailored Service Agreement

Every customer is unique, but some vendors still try to squeeze you into a ‘service box’ like Gold, Silver or Bronze.

At Canon Medical Systems, we will tailor a coverage that meets your needs. You can add or remove agreement types and options, or we can build one just for you.

Service Agreement Options

  • Comprehensive Purchase Warranty
  • Special Purchase Warranty
  • Special Service Agreement
  • 100% labour, 75% labour or 50% labour
  • 100% parts, 75% parts or 50% parts
  • Comprehensive Transducer
  • Transducer Pool
  • Limited Transducer
  • Comprehensive coils
  • Limited coils
  • After Hours PM
  • After Hours Call
  • After Hours Call-Out
  • After Hours M&I
  • ExtraCover M-F
  • Expand Software
  • Expand Hardware
  • InnerVision
  • Certification
  • Frontline
  • DirectConnect
  • Comprehensive Tubes
  • Tube pool
  • FPDs
  • Detector
  • Reaction time
  • Education
  • Monthly, Quarterly, Annual or Multi-Year

Canon Medical worked with Central Sydney Imaging to tailor a Service Contract on our CT’s to fit our business requirements and operational hours

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