President's Message

To our valued customers, we would like to express our gratitude for your continued support and for using our products and services.

Many parts of the world suffered natural disasters last year, including Japan. Despite these difficult challenges, the desire from people around the world to enjoy good health and long life continues to increase as economies develop and the population grows older. In response to these aspirations, there have been a wave of technological innovations. To contribute to the well-being of people around the world, Canon Medical released a number of new products on schedule. Last year our employees worked together on the development of our technologies and products, and to overcome the many obstacles they encountered.

The healthcare environment has become more challenging in recent years. Our mission is to provide solutions with high-added value that help medical professionals provide more efficient medical services, optimize costs, and improve outcomes for patients. To achieve this, we are actively engaged in the development of tools that use AI or IoT. One of the technologies we released last year, AiCE (Advanced Intelligent Clear-IQ Engine) reconstruction technology, which was developed based on deep learning, has attracted a lot of attention. This technology is already in widespread use in CT at many medical institutions, and these customers report excellent image quality improvements as well as the potential for further dose reductions. We will incorporate a similar technology in our MRI systems so that high-resolution images can be obtained with significantly-reduced examination times.

Medical professionals encounter a wide range of data in their clinical practice. AI and IoT will be the key to convert this accumulation of information into “insights” to support decisions that enhance healthcare.

Canon Medical will continue its efforts to offer a range of solutions that address the challenges of clinical practice.

Toshio Takiguchi
President and CEO

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