Elastography Suite

Reproducible Results, Intuitively Visualised

Experience non-invasive, quantitative assessment for confident diagnosis with our Shear Wave technology* suite, which provides a quantitative measure and dynamic visual display of tissue stiffness. Gain valuable diagnostic information in easy to understand visual, parametric and quantitative formats, our ­advanced suite helps you avoid extra exams in order to get your diagnostic answer. Saving your patients, clinicians and practice while enhancing productivity.

  • Overcoming complications and limitations of biopsy
  • 4 Smart Maps to visualise and quantify propagation in real-time, with a new variance map
  • Combination with Smart 3D allows for volumetric elastography imaging
  • One shot or continuous mode scanning and push pulse optimised for deeper regions
  • Extension of compatible transducer range for endocavitary applications
  • Twin View now available in Smart Maps for better assessment of the liver
  • Enhanced worksheet for easier quantification

Shear Wave

Together We See More

Our elastography suite offers various Shear wave technologies that improve sensitivity and assessment capabilities delivered on dynamic layouts and multiple views.

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