Musculoskeletal Clinical Solution

Musculoskeletal (MSK) Imaging is moving beyond muscles and tendons. For example, identifying the exact  location of very small foreign bodies close to  moving structures of the MSK anatomy is important when planning  best method of removal.  Another indicator of pathology in MSK studies is the presence of increased blood flow due to inflammation. Accurate detection of increased blood flow can help in monitoring the effect of therapy and in patient management.

Canon medical’s new and improved matrix technology (iDMS) allows more control over the beam to provide a super thin slice thickness in both planes for outstanding high resolution imaging, in focus all the way from the near to far field.  This new generation of matrix transducers is unique to Canon Medical and an advancement on already existing matrix technology that we have utilised for many years. 

Our revolutionary SMI™ allows the visualisation of the micro-vascularity of MSK structures which can be impossible to detect with conventional Colour Doppler. SMI™ provides more clinically useful information in MSK examinations and has set a new standard in detecting micro-vascularity.

Canon Medical continues this revolution with the introduction of the new 33MHz transducer. This ultra-high frequency transducer is able to demonstrate detail in the skin layers, as well as superficial ligaments and tendons that has up until now been impossible to see.

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Depth and Detail. Made Possible.

Canon Medical ultrasound technology provides unprecedented resolution and industry-leading penetration for quick and reliable diagnoses.

Ultra-High Frequency. Perfect For Small Parts Examinations.

33MHz Ultra-high Frequency Linear Transducer

Canon Medical’s new i33LX9 matrix linear transducer uses iDMS technology with a frequency band of up to 33MHz, which provides extremely fine detail in the near field, making it especially useful for MSK, Rheumatology and dermal imaging examinations.

Amazing Detail, Outstanding Versatility.

24MHz Ultra-high Frequency Linear Transducer

Aplio’s i-series 24MHz transducer with extended bandwidth and iDMS technology provides excellent detail and definition in the near field, making it possible to visualise smaller structures such as nerves and small foreign bodies in MSK examinations.

Video left: Biceps Insertion with Aplio i-series 800 system and 24MHz transducer

22MHZ Hockey Stick*

Ultra-high frequency, small footprint.

Aplio’s i-series 22MHz Hockey Stick provides the ultra-high frequency needed for the most demanding small parts examinations.

New Features:

  • Very high Resolution
  • Ergonomic design with small 8mm footprint and slim cable, great for examining collateral ligaments and other finger and hand pathology
  • SMI-capable

Clinical Applications:

  • MSK
  • Small Organ
  • Peripheral Vessel
  • Intra-operative
  • Interventional 

*Compatible with the AplioTM i-series 800 system

MSK Imaging of the Ankle

Utilise all that ultrasound can offer. Canon Medical’s premium Aplio™ i-series 800 ultrasound system can provide the quality you seek when imaging musculoskeletal (MSK) cases and beyond.

Superb Micro-Vascular Imaging

Canon Medical Systems’ innovative Superb Micro-Vascular Imaging (SMI) technology expands the range of visible blood flow and provides visualisation of low velocity microvascular flow never before seen with ultrasound. This has proven to be valuable in the diagnosis of tendon inflammation and arthritis.

» SMI has improved dramatically to visualise the micro-vascular changes within tumours using the abdominal and linear transducers, adding more diagnostic information

White Papers

Clinical value of SMI and ultra-high frequency transducer 24Mhz

The extraordinary image quality obtained by the 24 MHz transducer and Superb Micro-vascular Imaging (SMI) allows more detailed observation of minute vasculature, which was previously unseen with ultrasound, providing effective assessment for Rheumatoid arthritis (RA).


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MSK Scanning and Intervention Made Easy

» I was especially impressed by the B-mode image produced by the high quality matrix probes on AplioTM i-series 800, the improved resolution has enabled us to provide high level musculoskeletal procedures which are at this stage unique to our practice – including percutaneous finger pulley release and foreign body removal, each performed with real time ultrasound guidance on this platform.«

Case Studies

Ultrasound of the UCL – thumb

Canon’s unique technologies (Differential II harmonics and Precision imaging) provide superb image quality with excellent contrast and spatial resolution. This enables quality assessment and imaging of the UCL of the thumb and the ability to differentiate surgical and non-surgical injuries.


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Available Systems

AplioTM i-series 800

The AplioTM i-series 800 provides greater clinical confidence in diagnosing pathologies associated with small nerves and tendons due to its high resolution and colour sensitivity in assessing small structures.

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AplioTM i-series 600

AplioTM i-series 600 provides excellent contrast and spatial resolution for a more confident diagnosis of subtle echotexture changes associated with tendon pathology resulting in a more quicker and accurate diagnosis for the patient so treatment can be applied.

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AplioTM a-series 450 and 550

Integrating industry-leading imaging technologies, advanced applications and intuitive controls for the busy clinician in the routine imaging department.

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Download brochure for General Imaging – AplioTM a-Series 450

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