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Introducing Altivity, our bold new approach to AI innovation that uses smart technologies to make a whole new level of quality, insight and value across the entire care pathway possible.

Computed Tomography

The industry's best solutions on every scanner. Putting customers first.

CT systems designed for patient's safety and satisfaction with technology that meets your needs now and in the future.


Don’t miss details. Better precision—better outcomes.

Transform the delivery of care from diagnosis to intervention; improving clinical quality and patient experience.


System configurations to meet your clinical needs.

When excellence means saving lives, you want a lab that can adapt to your needs. We've worked hand-in-hand with leading clinicians to design the industry's most flexible systems.

Nuclear Medicine

Industry leading patient friendly PET-CT scanner

PET-CT has truly been reborn, with AI-enabled Deep Learning Reconstruction (DLR) technology  providing clearer images and higher precision in a wider range of examinations and a large bore ensuring greater patient comfort and safety during scanning.

Magnetic Resonance

System configurations to meet your clinical needs.

Canon Medical Systems is transforming the MR patient experience. With the industry's quietest noise reduction technology and wide bore , patients finally have options for a comfortable MR exam.


Unmatched flexibility and enhanced patient care in X-ray imaging.

Canon Medical Systems provides industry leading dose management features to help reduce patient X-ray exposure , while optimising image quality.

Healthcare IT

Revitalise patient care by orchestrating data in real-time and connecting to the ever evolving patient story.

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