Quiet intelligence and reimagined workflow for the 3T MRI Suite

Vantage Galan 3T delivers reimagined workflow with quiet and intelligent imaging technology to optimise the MRI experience for patients and staff.

Intelligent 3T MRI

  • AiCE and PIQE utilise Deep Learning techniques to remove noise and enhance SNR to deliver clear, sharp and distinct images
  • A suite of accelerated scan technologies like Compressed SPEEDER, Exsper and Fast 3D reduce scan time to shorten procedures
  • Advanced imaging techniques like MR Elastography, FFQ and Accelerated UTE increase referral options
  • Advanced post processing capability with Olea/Vitrea technologies enhance diagnostic decision making Efficient

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Quiet 3T MRI

  • Short magnet and 71 cm bore offers an open MRI scanning environment
  • Pianissimo technology delivers whisper quiet scanning
  • MR Theater relaxes patients with a virtual immersive experience
  • Address challenging patients with motion and distortion correction, free-breathing and contrast free applications

Efficient 3T MRI

  • Mobile patient monitoring and operation with mobile Tablet UX
  • Efficient planning with ForeSee View and automated sequences with Auto Scan Assist
  • Easy to clean gloss coating aids sterilisation and disinfection requirements

Advanced Healthcare in a Relaxed Atmosphere

“Certain pathology can now be more easily visualised, whereas it was previously out of focus or not visible.”

Dr. Jurgen Vanslembrouck, Radiologist, Open MRI Zen. Specialisations: General Radiology with a special focus on abdominal, neuro and mammo under MRI and ultrasound.

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