Simplify operations

Aquilion ONE / INSIGHT Edition’s new INSTINX workflow brings together innovative hardware, automated operations, and an intuitive interface to promote high-quality CT exams that are faster, safer and easier to perform.
INSTINX drives faster throughput and higher productivity while ensuring a level of consistency that is the hallmark of any successful diagnostic imaging business.


Quick, efficient, and comfortable patient positioning

Position patients quickly with Aquilion ONE / INSIGHT Edition’s in-built positioning cameras and lateral slide. The intuitive touch panel operation ensures you can keep your focus on the patient. The flared gantry design and 80 cm bore provide easy access for emergency or interventional examinations, and reduce claustrophobia for patients.

Instinctive User Experience

INSTINX incorporates automated features in support of optimal productivity. Aquilion ONE / INSIGHT Edition features automatic scan planning to automatically plan all routine scans including scan ranges and dose and exposure settings, using the unique 3D Landmark Scan and the AI-enabled Anatomical Landmark Detection technology.

3D Landmark Scan

Take the guesswork out of the scan planning with the axial image preview provided by the 3D Landmark Scan, an ultra-low dose helical scan using SilverBeam Filter that replaces traditional scout views.

2D Scanogram
(0.27 mGy)



3D Landmark Scan
(0.2 mGy)




Automatic Scan Planning

The scan planning step in INSTINX is performed using a human avatar encoded with anatomical start and end positions for all routine exams. These same landmarks are identified in the patient's 3D Landmark Scan data using AI-assisted Anatomical Landmark Detection (ALD) technology to provide highly accurate and fully automatic scan planning.

Gain insights

With our latest Deep Learning Reconstruction technology and a wide range of solutions to support diagnostic confidence regardless of patient condition, the Aquilion ONE / INSIGHT Edition simplifies complicated scans and elevates those that are more routine.

Precise IQ Engine (PIQE)

Super resolution insights

PIQE images show sharper anatomical detail for better delineation of small anatomical structures for a more definitive diagnosis. The 1024 matrix allows images to be enlarged up to four times the size of a 512 image, without a loss of resolution.

✓ Sharp anatomical detail
✓ No additional dose
✓ Less noise
✓ Low contrast detectability
✓ Reduced calcium blooming
✓ Cardiac isophasic uniformity
Read more about PIQE 1024

Cardiac CT

Cardiovascular insights

The powerful combination of PIQE with Aquilion ONE / INSIGHT Edition’s ONE beat cardiac with ultra-fast 0.24 s rotation speed will deliver high quality coronary CTA examinations for all your patients.

Prof. Stuart Moir talks about the benefits of Canon's volumetric CT 

"Investing in this advanced technology empowers us to provide the highest standard of care to our patients."

Assoc. Prof. Stuart Moir
Cardiologist at Melbourne Heart Care

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Neuro CT

Acute stroke insights

Patients presenting with acute non-hemorrhagic stroke need to be imaged fast, the first time and every time. Aquilion ONE / INSIGHT Edition provides total neurovascular assessment to evaluate the best treatment options available for your patients – in a single dynamic volume scan that takes just one minute to perform.

Iodine Mapping

Enhanced oncology insights

Aquilion ONE / INSIGHT Edition empowers you to detect, stage and track tumors with Iodine mapping SCT available for every routine multi-phased exam.
Learn more about SURESubtraction

Interventional CT

Interventional insights

Conduct faster, more focused interventional procedures with our new CTF interface that enables one-handed operation thanks to the ergonomically designed control interface and a 27 inch in-room display monitor. The 80 cm bore with flared gantry design and lateral couch movement provide positioning flexibility and easy patient access.

Watch CT Fluoroscopy video

Deep Learning Spectral

Spectral insights

The Aquilion ONE / INSIGHT Edition harnesses the temporal benefits of rapid kV switching with patient specific mA modulation and combines them with a Deep Learning Reconstruction that delivers excellent energy separation and low-noise properties.

Images can be delivered directly to your reading station, and with our range of new Vitrea™ applications, you can easily analyse comprehensive spectral data, including quantification and multi-layered images for a more detailed and definitive diagnosis.

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