Automated bone subtraction and/or iodine mapping.

Canon Medical Systems' SURESubtraction suite capitalises on anatomically specific deformable registration algorithms to ensure accurate and robust results.

Iodine Mapping
  • Visualise local perfusion differences
  • Display local contrast enhancement
  • Differential Enhancement Maps
  • Virtual Contrast Boost
  • Zero Click workflow
  • Automatically remove bone, calcium, stents
  • Whole body CTA: Carotids, Aorta, Run-off, etc
  • Automatic bowel removal
  • Zero Click workflow

 ⁠Deformable Registration

Advanced anatomical registration algorithms.

Prior to subtraction, Canon Medical Systems' deformable registration allows pixel matching between the pre-contrast and contrast enhanced data for more accurate digital subtraction and iodine mapping.

Deformable Registration

Zero Click

Workflow that makes you perform.

 ⁠Protocol integrated automation at every step empowers even a novice operator with the skills to perform brilliantly the first time — every time.

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