In keeping with Canon Medical's Made for Life philosophy, our products incorporate smart technology to reduce workloads and improve consistency and efficiency, allowing more time to focus on patient care.

Patient Positioning

Built-in CT gantry cameras support automated one-touch patient positioning.

3D Landmark Scan

Take the guesswork out of the scan planning with the axial image preview provided by the 3D Landmark Scan, an ultra-low dose helical scan using SilverBeam Filter that replaces traditional 2D scout views at no additional dose.
3D scan planning with axial thin slice and full projection anterior and lateral projection views
INSTINX moves the scan planning step into the protocol--and reproduces this exactly for each patient. 

Automatic scan planning

Enjoy fully automatic scan planning for all routine exams to save time, reduce workflow steps and ensure consistent results for all patient exams. The scan planning step in INSTINX is performed once within the protocol setup using a human avatar encoded with anatomical start and end positions for all routine exams. These same landmarks are identified in the patient's 3D Landmark Scan data using AI-enabled Anatomical Landmark Detection (ALD) technology to provide highly accurate and fully automatic scan planning.

Hanging layouts

Display the patient’s CT examination exactly how you want to view it.
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