Get the full picture when it matters most

With advanced ultrasound technologies such as iDMS, SMI, TSO and MicroPure, sharp and clear breast images with incredible detail provide a more confidence diagnosis.

Intelligent Dynamic Micro-Slice

iBeam provides superior image quality whilst maintaining high frames rates

iDMS sharpens the ultrasound beams in the direction of the transducer lens. iDMS transducer elements are controlled separately to create a thin slice beam with continuous focus from near field to far field.


The new iBeam architecture consists of three technologies that work together to cumulatively optimise the efficiency of the beam.

  • Multi-Sync Pulser for transmission of multiple signals
  • Multi-Beam Receiver enables the reception of these signals
  • Multi-Harmonic Processor providing unprecedented beam processing power

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Breast Imaging

Standard and specialised ultra-wideband transducers with intelligent Dynamic Micro-Slice technology provide outstanding homogeneity and superior definition across the entire field of view.
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