Exceptional performance for today and into tomorrow

Aplio’s intelligent workflow enhances automation and standardisation, with a focus on minimising steps to complete a scan. And now with FleXstyle, the carefully redesigned user interface enables a smooth transition to your preferred way of working. You can now adjust the panel height at the push of a button so that you can always work in an optimal position with very little effort.

Access all areas

Aplio‘s large, tablet-style touch screen with three interactive zones allows you to quickly browse and select the desired function, while the rest of the display remains unchanged.
Switch to auto-pilot
Aplio’s context-sensitive user interface is designed to make your imaging task simpler and quicker. While automated settings can deal with routine clinical needs, you always retain control over all imaging parameters when needed.

Intelligent on-screen navigation
The mode-sensitive on-screen navigation for the central trackball boosts your workflow and efficiency. By visually guiding you through the exam, it allows you to adapt and operate the system within a few minutes.

Go wireless to gain better access

Aplio i-series allows you to remotely operate the system from a wireless tablet. This is especially helpful during MSK and vascular exams where it can be difficult to scan a patient and reach the panel at the same time, without losing sight on the monitor.

The wireless tablet is also ideal for scanning in mobile environments, sterile situations and for infection control to protect the system from possible contamination.
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