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Designed to increase efficiency, the system’s lightweight transducers feature outstanding clinical versatility, ergonomic shapes and thin, super-flexible cables.
Aplio a450 is compatible with a wide range of transducers from across the Aplio product range, ensuring high productivity while helping reduce cost for specialty probes.

Boost your clinical confidence

Aplio's powerful imaging technologies provide you with better image quality with reduced clutter, strengthened signal and improved visualization. Aplio a-series’ unique aBeam architecture provides the capability to ensure that all of Aplio's unique imaging technologies work together seamlessly for greater uniformity across all applications.

Over the last three days using the a450, my life was made easy. Reluctantly I had to hand the a450 back.

Peter Murphy, Sonographer – Westmead Private Hospital

» First impressions: visually a small compact machine, clean lines with minimal clutter on the console. With only three hours of supervision with an applications person, I was running the machine with a full scanning list by myself

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