Patient- and operator-centered design

By putting both the patient and the operator at the center of every design decision, a better experience can be achieved with faster, more comfortable scans, and a more streamlined workflow.

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An operator-centric design

Cumulative radiation risks and throughput issues are among the challenges that operators face when performing imaging procedures.

Cartesion Prime incorporates a variety of functions based on technologies that were developed for the high-end Aquilion Prime SP CT scanner to significantly help reduce exposure dose to the operator.

SUREPosition and Lateral Slide*

Improve the accuracy, safety, and efficiency of your PET-CT scans with innovative technologies that let you remotely position your patients from the console.

• Safer for technologists
• Faster patient setup
• More comfortable for patients
• Accurate iso-center scanning


SUREPosition remotely adjusts the patient to the exact iso-center ensuring best practice in CT accuracy – without the need for repeating the scanogram.

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