High Productivity

Intelligent new technology to advance productivity

Reducing scan time improves the patient experience and increases throughput. With intelligent new technology that advances our Rapid Scan technology, Vantage Orian™ delivers on a productivity promise that goes beyond expectations.


MultiBand SPEEDER acquires multiple slices simultaneously, which enables reduced scan times. DWI scans in particular can be acquired in about half the time compared to previous sequences.

Image Courtesy of Creu Blanca, Spain

Fast 3D mode

New Fast 3D reduces scan times up to 50%1 for different contrast weighted images while maintaining homogeneity and fat suppression.

1 As compared to standard FASE3D sequence

Left Image Courtesy of Dr. Hamamoto, Jichi Medical University Saitama Medical Center, Japan


Up to x8 accelerated k-t SPEEDER allows high frame rate cardiac cine and perfusion imaging with free breathing. k-t SPEEDER enables you to image a wide range of cardiac patients

Watch k-t SPEEDER Video

Image Courtesy of Dr. Nomura, Instituto do Coração, Brazil


WFS2 DIXON (FSE2D) achieves consistent fat suppression and homogeneity while acquiring four different tissue contrasts in one scan, reducing the total number of scans you need. Available for T1, T2, and PD sequences, WFS DIXON can be acquired in any area of the body.

2 WFS: Water Fat Separation

Image Courtesy of Dr. Arakawa, Saiseikai Kumamoto Hospital, Japan


EasyTech technology takes away the variability and helps you improve workflow with automatic slice alignment for neuro, spine, cardiac and now knees, standardising your workflow with automatic positioning.


Fast Spine Protocol

Outstanding performance with EasyTech’s Fast Spine Protocol.
65 seconds
51 seconds
108 seconds
108 seconds
132 seconds
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