Rethinking radiation oncology care

Experience an intelligent workflow

Enhance your productivity and maximise your clinical capabilities at every stage, from acquisition to simulation, with the latest tools and applications of the Aquilion Exceed LB wide bore CT scanner.

Quick and automated patient set-up

Designed to meet your oncology challenges and improve patient care, our advanced SUREPosition technology remotely adjusts your patient’s position to the gantry’s iso-center for enhanced accuracy. Our Tech-Assist Lateral Slide enables you to remotely move the couch up to 8.5 cm left or right.

Dual Energy

Aquilion Exceed LB prepares you for the future in Radiation Oncology with dual-energy capabilities designed to further improve the accuracy and precision of your therapy planning. Dual Energy results such as Equivalent kV, Virtual Monochromatic Image, Iodine maps and Virtual Non-Contrast images may help in improved characterization and visualization of lesions - potentially improving target delineation, and/or lower inter-observer target delineation variability. These dual-energy results can be generated and output directly from the scan console.

Manage respiratory motion

Aquilion Exceed LB integrates seamlessly with a range of respiratory gating devices and can perform both phase and amplitude sorting.

Its 4D CT capabilities to enable respiratory gated scanning are based on two scan modes, the helical scan mode, with phase and amplitude binning, and the volume scan mode with phase-based reconstruction. These allow you to select the best acquisition method to match the patient condition and the target anatomy for treatment. The scan parameters are automatically set by the scanner based on the patient’s breath cycle.

gating chart-1.jpg
phase and amplitude binning
The system’s 80-row detector, 4 cm coverage per rotation, which is the widest in large bore CT systems allows an area of anatomy to be scanned faster compared to narrower detector configurations. This allows respiratory gated scans to be performed in fewer breath cycles, making the exam more comfortable for the patient. And this is ideal when working with complex cases that involve anatomy such as the heart or chest, as it enables you to quickly obtain high-quality images.
A range of technologies has been built into the Aquilion Exceed LB to lower the dose and maximize image quality with an accelerated workflow. You can now expect reconstructions at up to 70 fps* with automatic transfer to simulation or planning. It connects with your existing solutions, planning devices, and positioning lasers for a smoother and productive workflow.

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