Aquilion ONE / INSIGHT Edition

Insightful solutions to complex problems

With the INSIGHT Edition, we have streamlined the system design and workflow experience to enable fast, safe, and efficient CT exams of all levels of complexity, while keeping the needs of your patients and busy hospital environments top of mind.

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Enjoy an optimised CT scan experience with INSTINX

Canon Medical introduces INSTINX, a total workflow experience redesigned from the ground up to set new standards in efficiency and consistency. Now every operation is more intuitive and can be learned faster than ever before. Every detail of the workflow has been thoroughly researched, refined, and tested at medical centres around the world.

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Precise IQ Engine (PIQE)

Super resolution with PIQE

Powered by Altivity, Precise IQ Engine (PIQE) is a Deep Learning Reconstruction algorithm that maximises the inherent resolution of a CT to provide super resolution 1024 matrix images.

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Exceptional scanning with standout solutions

Aquilion ONE / INSIGHT Edition features an all-new imaging chain, including our new CoolNovus X-ray tube and PUREINSIGHT detector designed for the extreme g-force generated by 0.24 second gantry rotation speed.

Simplify operations

Keep your focus on your patient with intuitive operation and intelligent automated workflows.
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Gain insights

Robust, consistent diagnostic results each time, for every scan, every application, and every operator.

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Optimise Return on Investment

Results from Day One: no complex set-up or steep learning curve. Seamless, confident operations for all.
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