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April 30, 2019

Xena has now completed her introduction period at the National Training School (NTS)!

The transition period from Puppy Education to Advanced Training is a very important milestone for assistance dogs and Xena has settled in nicely to life at NTS. 

Xena was very impressive in her initial assessments. In particular, her gentle demeanour was a real stand out. Xena loves nothing more than to get close to her trainer and rest her chin in his lap. She will do this whether her trainer is sitting on the floor or in a chair and it is a valuable grounding skill moving forward. This skill, known as “visit” is a great way to ground her client, and redirect their attention during difficult, or stressful times. It’s Xena’s way of saying- “Don’t worry, I’m here for you my friend”. 

Next up for Xena is continuing to fine tune her obedience, and learn a few new skills that will help her to assist her future client. Her skills are coming along nicely, and she has been busy showing them off out and about on local field trips. This includes local shopping centres, supermarkets, cafes and even the local bowling alley and children’s playgrounds. Her gentle demeanour around children will make her the perfect girl to assist a family who may be living with a child with Autism.

Xena has an exciting year ahead of her as she continues her journey to becoming an Assistance Dog. Save the date to visit our website to witness the great moment!

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