Accurate cardiovascular quantification, regional myocardial function

Functional assessment is at the heart of cardiovascular imaging. By providing valuable additional information in easy-to-understand visual, parametric or quantitative formats, Aplio’s advanced clinical functions can help you get your diagnostic answer faster and more reliably.

Auto EF

  • Standard, single-click feature for automatic calculation of Ejection Fraction (EF) and Global Longitudinal Strain (GLS).
  • Provides AI-enabled EF, accurate endocardial border detection for both left ventricle and atrium.
  • Helps to integrate strain analysis into routine exams with enhanced accuracy and consistency in less time.

Auto Doppler Measurements

  • Noise-resistant, AI-enabled Doppler tracing technology with improved robustness of accuracy and reproducibility.
  • Single-click measurement function of MV E/A, TR Vmax, LVOT VTI and Ao VTI and automatic trace recognition.

2D Wall Motion Tracking

  • Immediate visual and quantitative assessment of global and regional myocardial wall motion.
  • Comprehensive speckle-tracking, including layer-specific strain, GLS values, EF and absolute volumes.
  • AI-enabled, auto-plane recognition function for daily routine use, taking the stress out of strain imaging.

Stress Echo

  • Fast and accurate wall motion assessment with standard and custom protocols for both exercise and pharmacological stress.
  • Fast view acquisition, rapid selection, easy regional wall motion scoring with option to step in and out of the protocol as needed.
  • Customisable to user specifications, including colour flow or spectral Doppler and the ability to work with pre-collected images.

Raw Data

  • Enables efficient scanning and acquisition of images and loops during the exam and then allows you to manipulate multiple image parameters later.
  • Post-processing can be performed on 2D images, cine loops, measurements and annotations after the exam.

High-resolution Tissue Doppler

  • Myocardial wall motion assessment with high frame rate 2D and spectral Tissue Doppler Imaging (TDI).
  • Simple and precise assessment of myocardial function in both visual and quantitative formats and follow-up of treatment.

Make your workflow with ergonomics that excel

Aplio a550 is designed to make your imaging task simple and quick while allowing you to scan in a comfortable, patient-engaging position. The system provides a host of intelligent workflow support and automation tools, helping you to achieve rapid results with consistent high quality regardless of the patient condition.

Switch to auto-pilot for cardiac ultrasound productivity

Aplio’s context-sensitive user interface is designed to make your imaging task simpler and quicker. While automated settings can deal with routine clinical needs, you always retain control over all imaging parameters when needed.

The mode-sensitive on-screen navigation for the central trackball boosts your workflow and efficiency.

By visually guiding you through the exam, it allows you to quickly adapt and operate the system.
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