The perfect fit

The Aplio i-series cardiovascular ultrasound systems are optimised for today’s busy departments and scalable for tomorrow’s challenges. Combining high-quality imaging with ease of use and a wide range of advanced tools, the Aplio systems are designed to meet your clinical and workflow needs. Many of the Aplio system’s unique imaging technologies provide you with optimal image quality for depth and detail by reducing clutter, strengthening signal and improving visualisation.

A transducer that offers the best of both worlds

Introducing a new ultra-wideband transducer that combines the benefits of two conventional sector probes, providing increased spatial resolution and penetration. The result is a B-mode image quality with more clarity that enhances diagnostic confidence in cardiac exams. Sharper contours enable more accurate tissue border depiction, which is indispensable for obtaining reliable measurements.

Consistent high-quality results, outstanding ergonomics

From the smallest to the toughest patients, Aplio’s innovative iBeam architecture with dramatically increased processing power provides outstanding imaging clarity and definition with significantly enhanced penetration.

Three technologies that work together to cumulatively optimise image quality, even for challenging examinations.



Paediatric Sector Probes with different frequency bands that match the child's physique are easy to scan even in narrow spaces due to their small contact area. With the newborn probe, the heart, head, and abdomen can be observed with a single probe by selecting the conditions.

First class in cardiac ultrasound productivity and scanning comfort

The intelligent workflow of the Aplio series of systems enhances automation and standardisation, with a focus on minimising steps to complete a scan. The carefully designed user interface enables a smooth transition to your preferred way of working.

Optimising sonographer comfort

Aplio ultrasound systems are Healthy Sonographer Platforms with adaptive ergonomics enabling you to conform the system to the patient, user, and exam, in order to improve comfort and support an improved patient experience.

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