Canon Medical’s ultrasound systems integrate industry-leading imaging technologies, advanced applications and ergonomic features for more comfortable scans.

A clear view of your patient
Our systems provide outstanding images that allow you and your team to make clear diagnostic decisions quickly and accurately.
A fast reassuring experience for your patients
Clearer images can mean faster exam times and a more confident diagnosis for your patient, leading to reduced anxiety and better treatment outcomes. 
Meeting your business needs
Give your departmental productivity a boost with simple and consistent workflows, reduced training needs and improved workplace safety.

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Rest assured with industry-leading depth and detail.

  • Confident diagnosis on all patients with industry leading depth and detail
  • Efficient and precise exams with iStyle+ Productivity Suite
  • Lower cost through standardisation and workflow improvements

Greyscale imaging is the most important mode in UL imaging

“Greyscale has been and will always be the bread & butter of ultrasound imaging. Canon (Medical) always places great emphasis on good greyscale imaging, and probably has one of the the best, if not the best, B-mode currently across high-frequency and low-frequency imaging.”

Prof. Adrian Lim
Professor of Practice & Consultant Radiologist
Imperial College London & Healthcare NHS Trust

Aplio i-Series

Intuitive. Intelligent. Innovative.

Offering healthcare providers a more cost-effective, less invasive and safer solution than traditional imaging modalities, Canon Medical’s Aplio™ i-series is a highly advanced ultrasound solution. Aplio i600i700 Cardiovascular, Aplio i800 and Aplio i900 Cardiovascular, all systems include iPerformance technologies that deliver extreme processing power and help healthcare providers to see and do more. 

iBeam, a beam-forming technology, optimises efficiency of the beam, increasing resolution compared to previous systems, and the i-series systems offer advanced clinical applications, including ultra-high frequency transducers up to 33Mhz. 

Radiologists can also enjoy crystal-clear images needed for fast and reliable musculoskeletal (MSK) imaging, while a comprehensive contrast imaging package allows them to perform comprehensive liver analysis. Shear Wave elastography allows clinicians to non-invasively assess inflammation and steatosis of the liver, while Superb Micro-vascular Imaging (SMI) captures low velocity blood flow to help clinicians increase detection of low flow velocity in and around areas such as tumours and lymph nodes. 

i-Series i900 CV Cardiology Specialties

Aplio a-series

Advanced. Seamless. Integrated.

The Aplio a-series is a new line of ultrasound systems delivering high performance for multiple clinical uses at an affordable price point. 
Designed with the imaging, ergonomics and workflow capabilities of Canon Medical’s premium ultrasound systems in mind, the Aplio a-series, which includes the a550 and a450, covers a broad range of clinical areas, from cardiology to women’s health for routine day-to-day excellence. Features of the a-series product line include:
  • High-end image quality that seamlessly integrates into workflow for a wide range of everyday imaging needs, including high-resolution 2D imaging and volumetric ultrasound.
  • Wide range of qualitative and quantitative tools thanks to iSense technology which enables easy operation and objective, reproducible results. Advanced applications like iSMI and Differential Tissue Harmonics, available on the Aplio a550, provide clinicians with the ability to meet a range of clinical needs.


Xario g-series

Go Anywhere Anytime

Xario g-series is developed from the successful Xario Platinum series with a new focus on mobility and productivity. Advanced features enable cable free operation throughout the hospital or clinic.

Xario g-series

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