ReVitalise Vitrea upgrade program

Experience the next generation of Advanced Visualisation

Take advantage of a limited time opportunity to upgrade your Vitrea solution. The Version 7 (V7) software will allow you to elevate your department’s workflow and increase clinical confidence.

ReVitalise to get more from your existing investment

The key benefits of Vitrea V7

Maximise performance and improve your workflow efficiency with Vitrea’s powerful workflow enhancements, new intuitive interface and consistent user protocols across all modalities.
Clinical outcomes
Facilitates improved clinical outcomes with powerful applications seamlessly integrated into Vitrea Advanced Visualisation.
souSystem security
Access a high level of protection to ensure patient data cybersecurity with the latest Windows 10 operating system and latest security updates
Ensure that your staff constantly advance their skills through our wide range of educational opportunities. Plus, with 12 months of industry-leading customer service and support ensures that you have immediate access to the latest Vitrea software.

ReVitalise to expand clinical capability

Vitrea V7 clinical applications

Position your department to deliver the highest possible patient-centred care. Elevate your clinical capability with the ReVitalise upgrade with access to the latest Vitrea V7 advanced clinical applications.

Global Illumination

Setting the new standard in Advanced Visualisation

Global Illumination is a new revolutionary 3D/4D rendering technique that provides a more photo-realistic view of anatomy. Edit, segment and capture photo-realistic images for improved patient management and pre-surgical planning.

Position your site at the forefront of the industry: Improve marketability of your service by providing referrers and patients with clear insights.

Improved communication and collaboration: Effectively share findings with Multi-Modality teams and patients.

Improved clinical understanding: Enhance your understanding of image content such as anatomical and spatial relationships, lesion identification and fracture assessment.

Learn more about Global Illumination Global Illumination Clinical Gallery

ReVitalise to set the new standard in Advanced Visualisation

Comparison chart: Version 6 to Version 7


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