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Ultrasound System Optimisation and
Management (SOM) Course

This course helps you to utilise your Canon Medical ultrasound system to its full capacity. The course will give you a greater understanding of your Aplio a-series or i-series system, allowing
you to increase your workflow efficiency, and be more confident in your clinical findings.

Video 1:

(Time: 11 minutes 45 seconds)

Chapter 1: Basic Overview

Chapter Includes:
  • Physical features of the Ultrasound System
  • Powering up aspects
  • Transducer connection
  • Control Panel including Navigation and ‘Heads Up’ Display
Chapter 2: System Controls and Ergonomics

Chapter includes:
  • Introduction to iSense design for workflow/ergonomics.
  • System Ergonomic features
  • RAW Data Storage advantages
  • System Cleaning

Video 2:

(Time: 22 minutes 34 seconds)

Chapter 3: Getting Started

This video provides a greater understanding of the steps and functions available to begin an examination.
This chapter includes:
  • Patient Registration steps.
  • Monitor Display layout
  • Touch Command Screen (TCS) layout and functions
  • Examination parameter selection with Presets and QuickStarts

Video 3:

(Time 12 minutes 30 seconds)

Chapter 4: Aplio Technology, Architecture and Terminology.

This video focuses on iPerformance – image quality functionality and advanced tools.
This chapter includes explanations of:
  • iBeam architecture including
    • Transmitting – Multi-Sync Pulser
    • Receiving – Multi-Beam receiver
    • Processing – Multi-Harmonic Compounding
    • Multiplexing Technology
  • Harmonic Imaging
    • Pulse Subtraction Harmonics
    • Differential THI (Tissue Harmonic Imaging)
  • Precision Imaging
  • ApliPure compound imaging
  • TSO (Tissue Specific Optimisation)

CPD certificates

Registrants who watch these videos will have the opportunity to earn CPD points from ASAR (Australian Sonographer Accreditation Registry) or similar as “Self-Learning” Activity. Please refer to the ASAR website for more information.

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