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May 12, 2020

Assistance dogs help people stay positive during the COVID-19 pandemic

The unprecedented COVID-19 crisis has hit us by surprise. While we are all dealing with the disruption and stress caused by this global pandemic, some people in our community are more vulnerable and need additional support to get through the changes that the virus has brought into our lives. 

Luckily, their assistance dog helps them stay calm and healthy, both physically and mentally. Here we are sharing with you a couple of great stories to give you a glimpse of how assistance dogs can make a huge difference to people’s lives in the COVID-19 era.

Cozie and SJ

“Without a doubt, I wouldn’t be managing this world if it wasn’t for Cozie” – SJ

SJ is living with quadriplegia following a terrible accident. She received Cozie the Assistance Dog three years ago.

Cozie has renewed SJ’s independence and increased her quality of life. What’s more, it is Cozie’s remarkable emotional support that has helped SJ cope with the current pandemic.

Having no idea of the coronavirus, Cozie stays cheerful and keeps some normality around this whole new experience. With her constant, beautiful companion, SJ can stay strong and handle the unknowns and challenges life brings. Read the story

Byron and Zeus

“Zeus is Byron’s best friend and companion.” – Byron’s mum

Byron was born with Down syndrome and has a secondary diagnosis of Autism. Due to the coronavirus, all Byron’s appointments and sessions have been cancelled, which was so hard for him to understand.

It is Zeus, the loyal and cheeky assistance dog who has helped the boy through all the disruption and difficulties. Zeus’ unwavering loyalty and love has helped Byron increase communication skills and reduce anxiety during this uncertain time. Read the story

Canon Medical is proud to be part of the Assistance Dogs Training program. Our third assistance dog, Sherlock, is receiving his training and on his way to becoming a great helper. Read more…

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