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August 30, 2017


Together with our friends at Olea Medical, we look forward to continuing and extending our scientific collaborations further in the interest of all our customers. We all will benefit from more advanced and unique applications to improve the quality of life of patients according to our company’s vision: ‘Made for Life’. Download this special edition of VISIONS magazine, totally dedicated to Magnetic Resonance Imaging. You will find articles about many recent achievements, upcoming events and product developments.

Innovation has always been a top priority in MRI development at Toshiba Medical. The history of MRI in general has always featured important scientific innovations developed by researchers and scientists from the world’s leading universities. Many of these achievements are highly recognised: a total of nine Nobel Prizes have been awarded in this field. One of the first was the Nobel Prize awarded in 1952 to Felix Bloch and Edward Mills Purcell for their development of new methods for nuclear precision measurements and discoveries in connection with these methods. This was the world’s first Spin Echo experiment. One of the most well-known in this field, however, is the Nobel Prize awarded to Sir Peter Mansfield and Paul Lauterbur in 2003 for discoveries with MR Imaging that describe the application of a field gradient to decode the spin localisation.

Alongside this, Toshiba Medical has established long-term customer research collaborations with some of the world’s leading academic partners, such as Kyoto University, Japan; John Hopkin’s University, Baltimore and the University of California (UCSD), San Diego, USA. We are very proud to have them as research partners.

Toshiba Medical recently started a new partnership in Europe with Prof. Vincent Dousset at the University of Bordeaux, France. Working together with his team on research and development projects, for sure we will advance technologies in Neuroradiology. And we also look forward to working with Prof. Luca Saba from the University of Cagliari, on Sardinia, Italy from the beginning of 2018 onwards. More information will follow soon.

In addition to collaborations with scientific groups, Toshiba Medical also works with leading sports organisations and is Official Medical Systems Partner to some of the world’s top football clubs, including Manchester United, FC Barcelona and Real Madrid. These collaborations not only demonstrate our leadership in MSK imaging, but have also enabled the start-up of joint research projects that hold the potential to optimise the performance of elite athletes, advance diagnostics, and improve treatment strategies of injuries. This knowledge can then be transferred and translated into applications and innovations in other sports environments. These include a Muscle Talent Study, cardiac screening for young players.


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