Introducing Innovation 2016

More clinical detail
  1. New settings in the Precision technology package provide enhanced border delineation and better grey scale resolution
  2. Enhanced robustness and 3D imaging added to SMI
  3. Enhanced Shear Wave Elastography package with 3D capability
New diagnostic tools
  1. Smart 3D imaging with standard linear and convex transducers
  2. Further extension of interventional tool set
  3. New premium transducers with high clinical utility
Faster and more efficient
  1. Enhanced work list management, faster access to patient data
  2. Comprehensive on-board reporting facilities and networking capabilites
  3. Choice of dual display modes for improved imaging efficiency

More clinical detail

SMI Shear Wave Precision+

Superb Micro­-vascular Imaging (SMI)
Seeing the unseen
  1. Enhanced imaging robustness for faster results
  2. Volumetric SMI imaging with Smart 3D

SMI Fetal HeadSMI Fetal Head

SMI Lymph node VascularisationLymph node vascularisation

SMI in thyroid nodule with pixel countSMI in thyroid nodule with pixel count

SMI 3D of testicular interstitial cell tumor3D SMI of testicular interstitial cell tumor


Shear wave Cirrhotic liver diseaseShear wave cirrhotic liver disease

Shear Wave Elastography (SWE)
Reproducible results, intuitively visualised
  1. Further extension of compatible transducer range for endocavitary applications
  2. Twin View now available in Smart Maps for better assessment of the liver
  3. Combination with Smart 3D allows for volumetric elastography imaging
  4. Enhanced worksheet for easier quantification

Shear wave Testis with Leydig cell tumorTestis with Leydig cell tumor

Shear wave 3D elastogram of a breast cancer3D elastogram of a breast cancer

Worksheet with quantitative measurementsWorksheet with quantitative measurements

Precision+ Imaging
  1. Additional settings to further increase clinical confidence
  2. Improved grey scale resolution
  3. Further enhanced border delineation

Precision+Fetal heart at 22 weeks


New diagnostic tools

Smart 3D Premium Transducers

Smart 3D GallstoneGallstone

Smart 3D Imaging
Volumetric imaging made easy and efficient
  1. Fast and easy acquisition of high-quality 3D volumes
  2. Compatible with standard linear and convex transducers (excluding endocavitary and 4D transducers)
  3. Supporting multiple modes including B/W, Color, Power Doppler, ADF, SMI, CEUS and SWE

Smart 3D Renal vasculatureRenal vasculature

Smart 3D Liver vascularityLiver vascularity

Smart 3D Thyroid with multi-nodular goiterThyroid with multi-nodular goiter


Premium Transducers
Premium transducers for enhanced clinical detail and utility
  1. Lightweight high-performance, enhanced versatility and sensitivity with more penetration
  2. Ultra-wideband transducer with enhanced Precision+ technology
  3. Extra-wide field of view with 180° scan angle and 150° sweep angle
  4. High frame rate imaging with spot-zoom and HD-zoom in 2D, 3D and 4D modes
  5. Advanced imaging including CEUS, elastography and SMI
  6. Cutting-edge 24 MHz transducer with extended bandwidth and intelligent Dynamic MicroSlice (iDMS) technology for superior detail and definition in the near field


Smart FusionLiver lesion post RFA

Smart Fusion
  1. Further extension of compatible transducer range for endocavitary applications
  2. New bilateral display of needle markers on both the reference and live ultrasound images
  3. Optimised workow and productivity


Virtual Dual Display
  1. Increasing clinical efficiency in MSK and small parts assessment
  2. Direct comparison of two images with wider field of view
  3. Improved efficiency for small parts and MSK examinations
  4. Supporting multiple imaging modes including Color and Power Doppler, SMI and SWE
  5. Available in live and playback modes

Vertical Dual Display


Workflow enhancments

Workflow enhancements
  1. Improved work list management
  2. Easy template customisation
  3. Auto fill and default finding features
  4. User-defined measurements and percentile graph OB reporting
  5. Enhanced compatibility with standalone OB reporting solutions


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