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Maximum patient comfort. Quality imaging.

Our specialty coils are designed to provide high-resolution images and maximum patient comfort. Optimising imaging on a wide-range of anatomical regions, joints and extremities. our specialty coils incorporate Canon’s advanced parallel imaging SPEEDER™ technology – we have you covered from head to toe.

Our Range

Coils & Positioning Devices

Endo Pelvis SPEEDER™ Coil
32-Element Cardiac SPEEDER™ Coil
Quadrature Head Coil
Paediatric Cradle Positioning Device Endo Pelvis Cardiac Quad Head Cradle

Adaptive Endo Pelvis SPEEDER™

Endo Pelvis SPEEDER™ Coil
Adaptive Endo Pelvic
  1. Designed for the 1.5 tesla MR system
  2. 2 Element SPEEDER™ compatible coil
  3. Improved SNR and anatomical coverage


32-Element Cardiac SPEEDER™ Coil

Designed for MRI scanners equipped with 32 receiver channels. Combined small octagonal ­elements create a very high density coil enabling the use of high SPEEDER factors, improving temporal resolution.

  1. Combines anterior and posterior elements for high spatial resolution
  2. SPEEDER™ compatible to improve temporal resolution
  3. Light-weight
  4. Dimensions 34 × 44 cm

32-Element Cardiac SPEEDER™ Coil


Quadrature Head Coil

Quadrature Head Coil
Quadrature Head
  1. Designed for the Titan
  2. Open style Transmit and Receive coil
  3. ACR Phantom compatible

*Only available for Vantage Titan models.


32-Element Flex Coil Positioning Device
Paediatric Cradle

Two Flex medium coils combined in a paediatric support for very detailed infant examinations.

  1. Combines two 16 element flex coils into a 32 element paediatric solution
  2. Allow for high resolution head and spine imaging
  3. SPEEDER™ compatible

32-Channel Pediatric Cradle Positioning Device


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