Scale of the Titans

Multiple Systems. One Solution.

The 1.5T Titan series is scalable throughout the 1.5T Titan family and the magnet stays in place. The 16-channel Titan MR solution can meet your need for higher performance today with the same comprehensive suite of applications available on both the 16- and 32-channel systems. With the ability to easily upgrade in the future, you can make the move to Titan MR with confidence, knowing you’ve made the right decision for today and tomorrow.



Titan 1.5T

Configuration options

The scalable Titan MR series magnet stays in place regardless and consists of two channel configurations with Atlas coils:

  1. 16-Channel
  2. 32-Channel Upgrade
Why Upgrade to 32-Channels?
  1. Increased performance over 16-Channel
  2. Combine more coil elements to meet your expanding clinical needs
  3. Faster scan times for patients
  4. Apply higher SPEEDER™ technology (acceleration factors) in multiple directions, simultaneously
  5. Shorten breath hold times to optimise abdominal imaging
  6. Fast dynamic cardiac scanning
  7. Faster paediatric protocols
  8. Maximise SNR and temporal resolution for a wide range of exams including cardiac scanning
  9. Take advantage of Canon’s unique 32-Channel cardiac coil


Titan 3T

Configuration options

In-field upgradable solution that gives your facility the flexibility to grow. The Titan 3T offers two amplitude configurations:

  1. 30 mT/m
  2. 45 mT/m Slim Saturn Gradient Upgrade
Why upgrade to 45 mT/m?

Experience the benefits of the high performance Slim Saturn Gradient coil:

  1. 45 mT/m Amplitude
  2. 203 T/m/s Slew Rate
  3. Advanced slim gradient coil design
  4. High pressure gradient moulding
  5. ×2.3 higher pressure
  6. Gradient triple cooling
  7. ×2.0 increased cooling
  8. Better image quality over time

Titan 3T Slim Saturn Gradient

True comfort and flexibility with the power of 3T.

Advanced technology to meet all your clinical needs.

Canon’s advanced Titan 3T system design is the result of listening to and building for doctors and the patients they serve. And for those concerned about the major leap to 3T, the Vantage Titan can be configured to grow along with your clinical needs. Our flexible system configurations are scalable. So you can customise the system at any time, to meet both your changing budget and evolving needs, at your own pace.




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