Pianissimo™Technology—Quiet MR

Successful exams begin with comfortable patients.

MRI acoustic noise is one of the major complaints of patients and medical staff. Canon’s patented Pianissimo™ technology significantly reduces the noise in and around the MRI environment, making exams more comfortable and easier to complete.

Why Pianissimo?

Acoustic noise is significant source of discomfort for patients, and an obstacle in completing exams for clinicians. Pianissimo technology reduces acoustic noise by 90% compared to conventional MRI systems, and can be used for ALL sequences, and ALL examinations, providing patients with a more relaxed MRI experience, without any performance compromise.

How does it compare?

Noise reduction of 90% is equivalent to being 40 metres away from the source of the noise. It is quiet enough to have a conversation within the room.

Is image quality affected?

Absolutely not! Pianissimo does not compromise the performance of the system in either acquisition time or image quality.

90% Less Noise = Better Comfort + Higher Productivity

The quietest…

Pianissimo™ Technology

How does quiet, Pianissimo™ Technology bring benefits to your practice?

  1. Better comfort for all your patients
  2. Improved communication with patients
  3. Helps patients with claustrophobia
  4. Lowers levels and risk of transient or permanent hearing disturbance
  5. Ideal for paediatrics and sedation cases
  6. Reduces patient stress and anxiety
How does it work?

Our unique technology has been perfected to provide the quietest systems on the market.

  1. Without an atmosphere, our vacuum-sealed coil cannot transmit sound
  2. Soft pulse sequences eliminate sharp waveform edges reducing noise
  3. Special insulation between the coil and magnet dampens sound and minimises vibrations transmitted to the magnet


Hardware vs. software

Quiet MR for every sequence, scan and patient. Canon hardware is designed to eliminate noise at the source.

  1. Pianissimo™ technology achieves reduced noise on all sequences
  2. Additional special sequences further reduce gradient noise
  3. Limited to specialised pulse sequences
  4. Software modifies the pulse sequences themselves which intentionally diminish the gradient performance
  5. Other MR conventional systems reduce noise by use of software only


Quiet MR for every sequence, scan and patient with Pianissimo

The quietest MR availble.

The quietest MR available.

Our most unique feature is one you may never hear. Reducing noise at the source, is the source of our patients’ comfort. With Pianissimo, MRI no longer needs to be loud and disruptive. All our MR systems include Pianissimo acoustic noise reduction technology and non-contrast imaging applications, resulting in a safer and quieter exam for your patient.

Did you know… brain function requires additional attention and resources under noisier conditions. Now, monitoring sound pressure levels of acoustic noise is crucial.

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