Breast / Uni-lateral / Bi-lateral

The Breast SPEEDER is designed for optimal imaging of the breast. This coil incorporates SPEEDER technology – Canon’s advanced parallel imaging. Uniquely contoured to the body to provide maximum patient comfort. Designed to provide high-resolution images and greater tissue penetration. This coil can also be equipped with biopsy tools, extra large access for biopsies, coil elements can be individually positioned. The patient-friendly design of this coil allows feet-first scanning and scanning with arms at sides.

  1. 8-element array coil design, which provides an excellent signal-to-noise ratio
  2. The surface coils can be finely adjusted in the up/down and right/left direction, providing optimal coil setting according to the target region
  3. Breast Riser Kit raises smaller patients so they can be nearer the magnet isocenter
  4. Breast Loop Kit** includes adapter, left coil element, and right coil element and helps secure a space at the center of the coil to easily check and observe the target region
  5. When the optional Breast Loop Kit** is used for visual checking of the scanning region, scanning with two or four coil elements is possible
  6. SPEEDER compatible
  7. No coil tuning
  8. Dimensions: Breast SPEEDER 572 × 962 × 279 mm and Breast Riser Kit 495 × 991 × 72 mm
  9. Weight: Breast SPEEDER 8.2 kg and Breast Riser Kit 4 kg

*Available for Vantage Titan 3T or later with minimum M-Power™ V1.35 software. **Optional Breast Loop Kit.

8 Element Sentinelle Breast Coil

8 Element Sentinelle Breast Coil

8 Element Sentinelle Breast Coil


Breast Flex SPEEDER™

Breast Flex SPEEDER™
Breast / Uni-lateral / Bi-lateral / φ150 Flex / φ200 Flex

The Breast Flex SPEEDER φ150^ and φ200^^ coils are designed for optimal imaging of the breast. These coils incorporate SPEEDER – Canon’s advanced parallel imaging technology.

  1. Both breasts can be imaged simultaneously by using a pair of Flex coils
  2. Includes: Main unit, Base mat, Top mat, Headrest (with mat), Coil holder, Caps and Mat
  3. Optional Flex coils are required
  4. SPEEDER compatible
  5. No coil tuning
  6. Dimensions (without coils): φ150 – 820 × 520 × 150 mm and φ200 – 820 × 520 × 150 mm
  7. Weight (without coils): φ150 – 4.1 kg and φ200 – 3.7 kg

^Available for Vantage Titan series, Elan or later. ^^Available for Vantage Titan series (except 3T) only.


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