PureViSION Detector Technology

Safer Imaging. Clearer Outcomes.

Leveraging our expertise in state-of-the-art mechatronics an Canon Medical’s PUREViSION* detector completely redefines CT detector technology. Resulting in a 40% increase in light output, lowering patient dose by up with more efficient use of x-ray photons. Combined with a 28% reduction in electronic noise. Making CT exams a better, safer experience for all patients. Each PUREViSION detector is cut with precision micro-blade technology from a solid ingot to guarantee the maximum surface area for X-Ray absorption. The detector elements are separated with an accuracy of just a few microns and optically isolated by highly reflective material to ensure excellent light transmission through the scintillator. Furthermore the integrated DAS board has been optimised resulting in a significant decrease in electronic noise producing a purer image. With the PUREViSION detector less radiation exposure is needed to achieve superb image quality.


PUREViSION detector allows us to scan all patients with exceptional image quality with reductions in radiation and iodine doses. Dr R Bull, Royal Bournemouth Hospital, UK


PUREViSION Detector Technology

*Option, except on Aquilion LB and Lightning models.

PUREViSION* detector increases comfort, while prioritising patient safety.

  1. More efficient use of X-rays
  2. 0.5 mm slice resolution
  3. 40% better light output
  4. Decreased electronic noise with miniaturisation of integrated circuit boards and field programmable arrays
  5. Maximising Canon’s ceramics expertise with a detector cut from a solid ingot using mirco-blade cutting technology to minimise imperfections and maximise quantum efficiency

PUREViSION Detector Micro-blade

Micro-Blade Cutting Technology

True 0.5mm resolution


PUREViSION Detector Circuit

Miniaturised Integrated Circuit

50% reduction in size


PUREViSION Detector Reduced Output

Optimal Transmission of Light

High reflection coefficient material

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