FIRST Integrated

Removing the workflow challenges from MBIR

Following Canon Medical’s long standing philosophy for minimising dose, while maintaining clinical workflow. FIRST* Integrated can fit seamlessly into daily clinical practice. Model-based iterative reconstruction (MBIR) technology takes the workflow challenges out of MBIR.

Forward projected
model-based Iterative Reconstruction SoluTion

FIRST Integrated

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  1. Fast
  2. Integrated and easy to use
  3. Anatomically optimised, system model
  4. Brain, cardiac, lung, body, and bone


Up to


Dose reduction^

Up to (2.29x)


Improved high contrast spatial resolution^#

Model-based Iterative Reconstruction
  1. Integrated into SUREExposure 3D ensuring automatic dose reduction of up to 85.3% as compared to filtered back projection
  2. Superior high contrast spatial resolution
  3. Delivers natural looking image quality due to targeted anatomical modelling
  4. Simultaneously reconstruct with Instaview
Clinical Case

Ultra Low Dose Chest 0.08 mSv1

1AAPM Report No. 96

FISRT Ultra Low Dose Wrist

Clinical Case

One Shot DLP 472
0.5mm slices

2Biswas, D. Radiation exposure from musculoskeletal computerized tomographic scans JBBS Am 2009 Aug;91(8):1882-9

Clinical Case
Southern Radiology

Interview with Dr Jonathan Seeff of Southern Radiology on the Aquilion ONE GENESIS Edition, the journey to installation and how the new CT system has transformed their clinical practice, the benefits of low dose technology and exceptional ease of use.

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*Option on Aquilion ONE models only. ^As compared to TSX-301C FBP. #With FIRST Body mode.

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