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For OB/GYN imaging, ultrasound is the first choice in diagnosis. Whether you are an obstetrician scanning routine patients or working in a tertiary hospital scanning the most challenging cases, Canon Medical offers a wide range of ultrasound solutions helping you to meet your specific clinical and budgetary needs. The multidisciplinary approach of our diagnostic ultrasound portfolio ensures consistent high image quality with superior productivity across the clinical portfolio.

3D/4D Volume Acquisition

3D imaging uses a surface rendering technique to obtain lifelike images of the fetal face. 4D imaging adds movement to the image. 3D volume imaging can also help obtain CT like slices through an organ such as the uterus when looking at location of fibroids, polyps as well as uterine cavity shape.


3D visualisations of anatomical structures in combination with vascular flow.

Using this semi-transparent glass effect can help physicians assess different layers of tissue and position of vessels all at the same time. Shadow Glass combined with functional data may help clinicians to better understand pathology.


Allows acquisition of 3D volumes using the 2D transducers. This is obtained with a manual sweep of the organ of interest, still resulting in high quality diagnostic images. Multiview slices are also available with Smart 3D.

Click below to download the guide on "How to acquire the Smart3D data" and "Using the Omniview". For further information on Smart3D and a complete How-To Guide, please contact your local Ultrasound Applications Specialist.

How to acquire the Smart3D data Using the Omniview

Advance Dynamic Flow (ADF)

ADF uses short pulse Doppler to obtain high resolution colour imaging. Colour fill is contained within ventricles and blood vessels with excellent spatial and temporal resolution. Great for imaging all things obstetric especially the fetal heart.


Virtual hysteroscopy is available using 3D volumes and flythru technology, giving an internal look at structures to help with surgical and interventional planning.

2D Wall Motion Tracking

2D wall motion tracking is an echocardiography technique assessing and quantifying left ventricular fetal cardiac function. Very high frame rates are required for this technology and the Aplio i-series 800 processing power allows frame rates over 200fps to be achieved

Limb Volume Measurement

EFW uses four parameters to measure birth weight (BPD, HC, AC, FL). Accuracy can be improved with the addition of arm volume (A Vol) and thigh volume (T Vol) into EFW calculation by using Lee’s formula. Easy and quick acquisition with 3D transducers means EFW accuracy can be improved when assessing for fetal growth restriction

Seeing the unseen with SMI

Traditional color Doppler imaging removes clutter from the images by suppressing low-velocity components, resulting in a loss of flow in tiny vessels. SMI separates flow from overlaying tissue motion effectively, while preserving even the subtlest low-flow components with unmatched detail and definition.

ASA 2020 Highlight: Canon Medical Ultrasound Women's Health Technologies

From routine screening to clinical research; assisted reproduction to high risk assessment; and, gynaecological imaging to interdisciplinary assessment, Canon Medical’s wide range of Women's Health solutions help you meet your specific clinical and budgetary needs.
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