Shiba’s Birthday Pupdate

Shiba Stats

Breed Labrador

Birthday 13 April 2015

Things I love Cuddles and pats

Skills I’m learning I’m just about to complete my 2 years Learning of training. I am a star pupil and know all of my commands. I can sit, watch, fetch, leave, wait, give, side and cuddle.

What’s next I am learning special skills tailored to the needs of my client.


Would you like to be a puppy educator?

Assistance Dogs Australia couldn’t help as many people as they do, without the help of invaluable volunteers across a wide range of roles. In the next couple of months, new puppies are coming into the training program and they are looking for puppy educators. Puppy Educators care for the puppies during the first 12 months of training. It is a 2 year journey from puppy to fully trained assistance dog, and during the first 12 months these puppies need loving and safe homes to help them grow into Super Dogs. If you’re interested or know of anyone who would like to support, please contact Assistance Dogs Australia today!


Assistance Dogs Australia is passionate about training dogs to assist people with disabilities so they can live more confident and independent lives.

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