RayScan uses advanced CT system to conduct low dose and faster exams for improved patient care

RayScan has just installed the AquilionTM PRIME for better patient care through greater comfort and lower radiation dose while maintaining high image quality.

“With dose-reduction features such as AIDR, active collimation and dose modulation, the system can make adjustments in real time to reduce radiation exposure while maintaining the image quality needed for diagnoses,” said Dr Madhu Gulati. “Additionally, the wide, open bore and high-speed rotation make exams more comfortable and quicker for any patient type.”

The Aquilion PRIME generates 160 unique sub-millimeter slices per rotation. This high resolution, high-speed scanning allows for rapid data acquisition with shorter scan times, making it easier for patients to breath hold; while a faster reconstruction unit reduces the time required for diagnoses.

The installation of the Aquilion PRIME delivers advanced CT technologies, such as metal artefact reduction software, to Rayscan’s CT patients. “Using the Aquilion PRIME’s  Single Energy Metal Artefact Reduction (SEMAR) software the artefacts commonly associated with metal implants are suppressed and the adjacent soft tissues can be much better assessed for a more confident and accurate diagnosis” said Rob Walczynski, CT Manager for Toshiba Medical Systems ANZ.


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