Love puppies? We’ve got one and she needs a name

I have a name! It’s Xena. Thank you @elainew611 for your #labradorable suggestion Xena (warrior princess). Our little puppy can now start training with Assistance Dogs Australia.

We couldn’t be any happier! With the careful guidance of Assistance Dogs Australia, Canon Medical Systems ANZ Pty Limted has adopted an adorable female golden Labrador.

Born under a sky of fireworks on New Years Eve 2017, we think she’s a cracker!

Now for the fun part…

Together, we need to name her.

To be the lucky one who adorns her with a name, FOLLOW US on Instagram @canonmedicalanz and post your suggestions under our #labradorable puppy photos – be sure to use the hashtag with your comment and show your support @assistance_dogs_australia.

There are few special rules involved with naming a talented assistance dog:

Name the our puppy


Post your best name idea with the hashtag #labradorable @canonmedicalanz

  1. The name should be 2 syllables, clap, clap.
  2. Exclude names that sound too similar to commands, for example Fletch (fetch), Eddy (steady) or Kit (sit).
  3. Names: Daisy, Charlie, Phoebe and Coco are excluded. They are over used and there are too many dogs answering to them. Our pup needs to stand out from the pack.
  4. …and before you ask, Doggo McDogface, or any other variation on the same theme will not be accepted.
  5. You must use the hashtag #labradorable with your name suggestion (comment) and be following our Instagram @canonmedicalanz prior to the close of nominations.
  6. Nominations close 5pm AEDT, Thursday, 29 March 2018.

Where’s Shiba?

Our super skilled dog Shiba was the first puppy we adopted back in 2015 from Assistance Dogs Australia. She completed her training with flying colours and graduated in October 2017. Shiba is considered a pioneer in this particular pairing. She now has a forever home with a young woman on the Northern Beaches of Sydney and together, they are flourishing.


As a continuing gesture of our partnership with Assistance Dogs Australia, Canon Medical Systems ANZ deliver a cuddly plush puppy with each new system we install. Giving our customers the opportunity to share their support for @assistance_dogs_australia with a #servicetale.

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