Shiba’s Winter Pupdate


Shiba Stats

Breed Labrador

Birthday 13 April 2015

Things I love Playing with my brother, Buddy!

Skills I’m learning “Sit, Down, Watch, Fetch, Leave, Wait, Give, Side”

What’s next July I start Advanced training full time


Shiba recently left the big city and stayed with a carer in Kiama, whilst her Educator Alex was away travelling. Shiba loved being on holiday too, and kept her great manners and even learned new things.

During her stay in Kiama she learned to shake paws and to jump into the car on cue. She also made great progress walking up and down see-through stairs, which was a bit scary at first. It didn’t take long for her to become confident and soon she was walking calmly up and down the stairs all day! Shiba also practised her public transport etiquette on buses and trains, and got in and out of the train on her own accord.

Shiba is now back with her Educator in Sydney, and enjoyed a recent puppy class in the city with her brother Buddy. She resisted the temptation to play with him, and they remained focused throughout the whole class (until of course, they had playtime at the end of class and exhausted themselves with a good game of chase).

She is now mastering the art of giving retrieved objects/items to your hands, and is also learning how to relax in restaurants and cafes and not be distracted by delicious food smells.

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