Infinix-i Sky


Infinix-i Sky+

Infinix-i Sky+

Image Without Limits

The C-arm revolution has arrived. Infinix-i Sky+* delivers unprecedented flexibility. Packed with advanced features in one comprehensive system, the sky’s the limit when it comes to complete coverage.

  1. Features a double sliding C-arm and 30×40 cm flat panel
  2. Imaging soars to even greater heights with an innovative C-arm flip, lateral flexibility, speed, and full body 3D imaging capability
  3. Offers revolutionary ImagingRite technology to generate a 3D image anytime, anywhere
  4. Our DoseRite™ technology offers industry-leading dose management tools designed to help clinicians minimise patient X-ray exposure while maintaining optimum image quality


Unprecedented Coverage

Peripheral Access

Fast peripheral access without moving patient or table

270 Degree Rotation

270 degree C-arm rotation with variable C-arm positions

C-arm Flip

Save space by simply flipping the C-arm into AP orientation during procedures such as long-needle biopsies.


3D Imaging

210 Degree Coverage

3D DA and 3D DSA can be performed from either side of the patient with the C-arm travelling 210 degrees at 80 degrees per second providing the option for very fast acquisitions with high image quality.


*The Infinix-i Sky+ is the INFX-8000C with 930a C-arm.

3D Scan

3D Digital Subtraction Angiography (DSA), 3D Digital Angiography (DA), and Low Contrast Imaging (LCI) can now be performed from the patient head on the left or right side for enhanced efficiency and flexibility.


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