Infinix-i 4D CT

Infinix 4DCT



The groundbreaking Inifnix-i 4D CT supports bridging the gap between the interventional lab and CT with one seamlessly integrated solution for the ultimate in patient care. Eliminating the need to transfer patients back and forth between different rooms, while minimising dose and maintaining safety. Angio-CT saves valuable time and gains efficiencies with the ability to plan, treat, and verify in the same room, on a single system.

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This is truly a new way of performing CT examinations of the extremities which enables scans to be performed for patients in severe pain, who may not be capable of lying on the table.

Willem Jan van der Woude, CT Specialist Radiographer – Radboud University

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Maximum Flexibility

Maximum flexibility

Convenient parking positions for both the Infinix-i C-arm and the CT gantry ensures free access to the table for patient transfer, mount and emergency procedures. >>>

Time Saving

Time saving

With our system you are now capable of diagnosing and treating without the need to move the patient, saving valuable time and ensuring patient safety. >>>



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