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Getting to the heart of the matter

Meet Aplio i900. Engineered to help you get the information you need to make confident decisions quickly, Aplio i900 elevates cardiovascular imaging to a new level of imaging precision, diagnostic performance and productivity.

  1. iBeam architecture
  2. Intelligent design
  3. Intuitive workflow support

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Aplio i900 Cardiovascular Ultrasound Imaging

Tri-plane Stress Echo

Apical 4CH

Carotid Artery

M Mode Left ventricle

Mitral valve analysis

Para-Sternal Long Axis

Tissue Doppler Imaging

Aplio i900

Aplio i900

Global and regional myocardial wall motion dynamics

Aplio i900

Aplio i900

Clinical Gallery

Canon Medical Systems’ Aplio i-series 900CV dedicated Cardiac Ultrasound platform has precise and intuitive 4D Transthoracic imaging. Advanced features include single button or flexible crop planes allowing the operator total control over the anatomic views. Packed with innovative rendering software such as Luminance, Shadow Glass and light source location which allow for an enhanced appreciation of your patient’s condition. And of course it does 3D colour Doppler too!

Canon Medical Systems’ Aplio i-series 900CV dedicated Cardiac Ultrasound platform allows you to perform accurate analysis of Right Ventricular (RV) strain. Utilising 3D volume-metric speckle tracking technology for rapid assessment of the true RV anatomic shape and function. Improve the diagnostic and clinical outcomes for your patients with Cardio-Pulmonary disease and Ventricular Dysfunction.

Only Canon Medical Systems’ Aplio i-series 900CV dedicated Cardiac Ultrasound platform allows you to truly understand volumes throughout the cardiac cycle, and regional area changes or strain for rapid assessment of the heart four chambers. The Canon Medical System Quad Chamber Tracking (QCT) is built from global speckle tracking for enhanced accuracy. In addition, QCT allows clinicians to easily identify inter-ventricular dyssynchrony.

Crystal-clear imaging, superior versatility

From the smallest to the toughest patients, Aplio’s revolutionary iBeam architecture with dramatically increased processing power* provides unprecedented imaging clarity and definition while significantly enhancing penetration.

Aplio i900 brings best-of-breed cardiac 4D imaging to everyday clinical use. Its fully sampled matrix array transducers are especially small and lightweight for better ergonomics and patient accessibility.

  1. iBeam architecture
  2. Live volume imaging

Revolutionary iBeam Architecture

iBeam Transducers


Aplio i900 Cardiovascular Ultrasound Imaging iBeam


Transducers for cardiovascular imaging
Better diagnostics starts here


Aplio i800 Better Diagnostics

Aplio’s ultra-wideband i-series transducers cover the same bandwidth as two conventional transducers, providing superior sensitivity and resolution for both near and far field. While helping to reduce cost, this revolutionary transducer design can provide better imaging regardless of the patient condition.

Ultra-Wideband Volume TEE i6SVX2 Transducer
Ultra-Wideband Volume Sector i6SVX1 Transducer
Ultra-Wideband Sector i6SX1 Transducer


Enjoy the perfect picture

Each of Aplio’s unique imaging technologies provides you with better image quality by reducing clutter, strengthening signal and improving visualisation. All functions work hand in hand with other imaging modes for greater uniformity across all applications.


iPerformance Technologies Suite

Tissue Enhancement delivers images of stunning smoothness and clarity with improved endocardial border delineation, especially in difficult patients.

Flex-M allows you to derive anatomically correct M-mode traces from live or stored 2D images with the same quality as in conventional M-mode.

Aplio’s wideband transducer and signal processing technology delivers outstanding sensitivity, penetration and spatial resolution for all Doppler modes.

Aplio provides you with high frame rate Tissue Doppler images and Pulsed-Wave-TDI traces for a precise timing of cardiac events in both visual and quantitative formats.

Clearer perspectives, faster results

Aplio’s volume matrix transducer enables you to acquire high-quality 4D volumes at high framerate, while the TEE transducer’s small insertion head oers an improved patient experience. A host of advanced analysis tools allows for in-depth assessment of cardiac anatomy and function.

  1. Advanced Wall Motion Tracking
  2. Automoted Mitral Valve Assessment

Aplio’s advanced Wall Motion Tracking technology provides immediate visual and quantitative access to global and regional myocardial wall motion dynamics in 2D and 3D.
The automated MVA tool provides concise anatomic and functional assessment of the mitral valve. The function’s quad display offers a clear overview of different scan planes.
At a simple touch of a button, Aplio demonstrates the mitral valve as seen by the surgeon to facilitate visual assessment of the leaflets for better surgical planning.


Designed with our users in mind

Smaller and lighter, Aplio i900 is easy to maneuver. With over 36cm panel height adjustment, lateral slide and a fully articulating monitor arm, Aplio i900 helps you to optimally adjust the console to virtually any scanning position.

  1. iSense productivity suite
  2. Lightweight ergonomic design
Aplio makes your workflow

Aplio provides a host of intelligent workflow support and automation tools, helping you to achieve rapid results with consistent high quality regardless of the patient condition.

  1. Intelligent panel
  2. Interactive touch screen
  3. 50% less hard keys

Aplio’s context-sensitive user interface is designed to make your imaging task simpler and quicker. While automated settings can deal with routine clinical needs, you always retain control over all imaging parameters when needed.

  1. Intelligent on-screen navigation
  2. Realtime Quick Scan

iSense Productivity Suite

Realtime Quick Scan allows you to achieve greater consistency in your exams by ensuring that superb image quality is the benchmark at all times.
Thanks to Aplio’s embedded raw data functionality you can optimise, review, analyse and report your clinical data anytime with no loss of functionality.
Realtime Quick Scan allows you to achieve
greater consistency in your exams by ensuring that superb image quality is the benchmark at all times.

*Compared to Aplio Platinum Series.



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