Aplio i-series

Intuitive. Intelligent. Innovative.

Aplio i-series provides unprecedented resolution and industry-leading penetration for quick and reliable diagnoses. Aplio i-series is designed to deliver outstanding clinical precision and productivity. Crystal-clear images with enhanced resolution and penetration as well as an abundance of expert tools help you get your diagnostic answer quickly and reliably.

Aplio i-series

Intuitive. Intelligent. Innovative.

Productivity Architecture Technologies


iSense. iBeam. iPerformance

From the start the intuitively designed iSense console is easy to use and has a suite of innovative and automated imaging functions that deliver fast and easy workflows. Aplio’s revolutionary iBeam and iPerformance suite enables superior imaging with unprecedented depth and detail for greater clinical confidence. The system’s wide range of advanced tools and exceptional ease of use results in outstanding clinical precision, unmatched versatility and increased productivity.

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Designed with our users in mind

iSense design can help boost productivity during daily routine exams as well as more most complex cases. It’s smaller and lighter, design makes it easy to manoeuvre. With over 36 cm panel height adjustment, lateral slide and a fully articulating monitor arm, Aplio i-series helps you to optimally adjust the console to virtually any scanning position.

Aplio i-series iSense Design

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54% less hard keys

Less time spent pressing buttons and more time scanning

The Aplio i-series can adapt to nearly every clinical users situation with the ability to move low, high and everywhere in between.

The layout of the i-series machine and the way the controls are structured make for a more intuitive scanning process.

Stephen Bird, Sonographer – Benson Radiology & Ultrasound Educator



Crystal-clear imaging, superior versatility

From the smallest to the toughest patients

Revolutionary iBeam architecture with dramatically increased processing power^ provides unprecedented imaging clarity and definition while significantly enhancing penetration.

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Standard on all Aplio i-series systems

iBeam provides superior image quality whilst maintaining high frames rates

The new iBeam architecture consists of three technologies that work together to cumulatively optimise the efficiency of the beam.

We find with the 2D greyscale imaging that we are able to see the detail of structures like the heart with more clarity than we have previously been able to see them.

Prof. Jon Hyett, ‎Head of Risk Obstetrics – Royal Price Alfred Hospital Sydney

Better diagnostics starts here

i-series Transducers

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Aplio i800 Better Diagnostics



Enjoy the perfect picture

iPerformance Technologies Suite

Each of Aplio i-series unique imaging technologies provides you with better image quality by reducing clutter, strengthening signal and improving visualisation. All functions work hand in hand with other imaging modes for greater uniformity across all applications.

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We are thinking; do we even need MRI [in foetal medicine] because the image quality on the Aplio i-series is so good.

Rex De Ryke, Charger Sonographer – Christchurch Public & Women’s Hospitals

Aplio i800 General Imaging Realtime Quad ModeContrast-Enhanced Ultrasound (CEUS)
Allows clinicians to assess perfusion dynamics.

Smart Sensor 3D
Accurate 3D volumes with a standard linear or convex transducer.

View live ultrasound images from multiple imaging modes.

Shadow Glass
3D visualisations of anatomical structure demonstrating the relationship between superficial structures and organs.

^Compared to Aplio Platinum Series. *Option. **Only available on the Aplio i800.

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