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Dynamic Volume CT – Simply efficient

More than a decade of clinical partnerships with leading institutions sets us apart as the industry leader in dynamic volume CT. Together, we have developed new procedures for better patient care, automated workflows, and refined reconstruction technology to make the remarkable routine.

A new standard in CT based on 10-years of clinical know-how. There is no substitute for experience.

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Musculoskeletal CT Scanning with Low Dose

Canon Medical System’s Aquilion CT technology enables excellent image quality to be achieved for certain procedures at dose levels approaching that of X-ray examinations.

This can be achieved on all Aquilion CT scanners due to highly efficient X-ray generation, detection & reconstruction technologies including:

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An optimised beam spectrum based on PUREViSION Optics results in a better balance between image quality and dose.

PUREViSION Optics is a complete redesign of the imaging chain and includes improvements in the tube, filtration and bow tie filters at the photon generation side and uses the more efficient PUREViSION 0.5mm detector.

The result of the changes is a significant reduction in image noise which enables a dose reduction of around 30% and an improved low contrast resolution of up to 22%.

PUREViSION Detector Technology

PUREViSION detector

The PUREViSION detector with industry-leading 0.5 mm element size delivers razor-sharp, fully isotropic images in all planes. By making more efficient use of X-rays, the innovative PUREViSION detector produces 40% more light to the photodiode allowing you to minimise patient dose while improving image quality.

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AIDR 3D dose reduction reconstruction technology

Canon Medical’s iterative reconstruction technology can be applied to all examinations resulting in dose reductions of up to 75 % in daily routine.

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Image Gallery

CT scans performed at dose levels approaching that of X-Ray examinations. All images acquired using high resolution 0.5mm acquisition mode.

elbow 1400 hd

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