Complete clinical flexibility

Industry-leading care, comfort, and workflow

Aquilion PRIME incorporates cutting-edge technologies designed to meet your current and future clinical needs. With technologies initially developed for Aquilion ONE high quality imaging at lowest dose is assured while latest clinical applications can be explored, all in a compact energy efficient installation.

Aquilion Prime


SAFER IMAGING. Clearer outcomes

Canon redefines the standard of detector efficiency lowering patient dose by up to 40%. >>>

Adaptive Diagnostics

Solving your clinical challenges

Bone free contrast enhanced imaging, iodine mapping or metal artefact reduction, Canon makes diagnosis easy. >>>


Optimum Performance for every scan

Canon implemented iterative dose reduction seamlessly into the workflow for optimal and automatic dose. >>>

Lateral Slide


Tech Assist Lateral Slide is a revolutionary way to positioning your patient single handed and without any physical strain. >>>



Latest addition to the Adaptive Diagnostic suite of technologies. A sophisticated algorithm is used to virtually eliminate metal artifacts. >>>

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