The smarter investment.

160-slice wide bore CT that leverages the premium technology synonymous with the Aquilion range. By achieving the perfect balance between performance and cost the Aquilion LIghtning 160 is the smarter investment.

Aquilion Lightning 160


  1. 160-slice
    PURE ViSION Detector
  2. 78 cm wide bore
  3. AIDR 3D Enhanced
  4. Adaptive Diagnostics
Aquilion Lightning 160 Download


Transforming clinical confidence

By combining the latest in dose efficient technologies with the right applications the Aquilion Lightning 160 will increase your ability to make a confident diagnosis.

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Adaptive Diagnostics Clinical Solutions


Aquilion Lightning 160 Analyse

Transforming patient experience

The Aquilion Lighting 160 is designed so all of your patients receive the best experience possible.

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Transforming your workspace

Economise on space and energy consumption. Streamline workflow from patient set-up to diagnosis.

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Aquilion Lightning Energy Consumption



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