MRI engineered for outstanding clinical performance and enhanced throughput

High spatial resolution at short acquisition times with 16-Channel Knee SPEEDER coil

Engineered for outstanding clinical performance and enhanced throughput. Leading innovation, the 16-Channel Knee SPEEDER™ Coil is designed for optimal imaging of the knee and incorporates SPEEDER technology – Toshiba’s advanced parallel imaging.

Read three real-world case reports on our SPEEDER technology’s clinical performance and enhanced throughput capabilities.


The new 16-Channel Tx/Rx Knee SPEEDER coil is consistently delivering great image quality across a diverse range of patients.


Dr Matthew Bastian-Jordan, MBBS BSc FRANZCR

The coil utilises SPEEDER technology for all directions which enhances clinical value with higher spatial resolution.


Mr Alastair Collett, Chief MRI Technologist at QEII

16-Channel Knee SPEEDER™ Coil



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